What About When Sh*t Ain't Sweet?!

As I've been hitting the pavements and chatting with people about living a #SpikedLifestyle, I realize that I ALWAYS talk about the positive aspects, the lit times, the splendor... which may be dangerous if the full view is not provided. So right here right now, I want to address THE REAL! 

By no means is #Spiked synonymous with perfect! 

Let's be honest...before your fly vacation - there was a budget that caused you to sacrifice a few things, before that beautiful picture of you and your lover - there was an argument that left you two seconds short of a manslaughter charge, before those abs poked - there were days, nights, and weekends of gym time and no drank!

So just know, all of the behind the scenes that goes into your moments of bliss, and joy are a part of the journey that WE are all on! Just because people don't show the sweat and tears behind their smile, doesn't mean they're not there. 

Right now, exhale and know that you are no different than anyone else. What you are going through is no harder or worse than another's hardship, and it's not for you to compare. Do not compare the grind or the success - what's yours is for you! Each day that you rise above everything meant to break you, or find the lesson and positive view of the situation - you are choosing excellence! That's #theSpikedway  

Greatness REQUIRES sacrifice, discipline, hardship, and commitment! ...you got this!