Spiked Lifestyle Feature: Remy Logan

Remy Logan

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Shocking! I only have Instagram.

But honestly, it keeps me sane! A wise man once said, when you stare into other peoples’ lives all day, you question your own path/ progress in life. You can’t move forward looking left or right, so I try to look ahead and focus on my own life [#theSpikedway] while giving everyone a glimpse along the way. 

Remy Logan

What do you do? All your hustles!  

My main hustle is hustling for my awesome boss and the team she leads. I work as an EA for Ciarra Pardo who is the CCO of Fenty Corp and handles creative behind the Rihanna brand.

When I am not working for Fenty Corp or on Fenty Corp related projects, I am working on my own brand. I am eager to become a business owner one day in the near future (God willing) so I spend a lot of my spare time (which is a rarity) building out the plans for my amazing nail salon. I have the creative part down—I am just trying to figure out the logistics and startup costs/ fees. I love my job and I plan on growing within the company but life would be grand if I can excel in my career here AND man a business. Nothing is impossible, is it?

    Remy Logan

    One piece of advice to help others 'Spike' their life?

    I think my secrets to spiking my life can cross over as advice—cherish relationships, pursue self happiness and give your all in all that you do.

    We have the tools to write our life story. So why not make it a bestseller?

    On a scale of 1-10, how 'Spiked' is your life?

    I would say a 7 on the Spiked scale because although I love my life, I could do more to really get the most out of it! I have recently started working out and that has increased my spikeability, yes I made that word up. But I would ADORE life if I could travel more, see my family more and see some of my ideas become a reality. 

    Remy Logan

    What is your secret to 'Spiking' your life?!

    I have three secrets: relationship with God, family and friends; pursuing self happiness and always doing more when I think I’ve done enough [#theSpikedway]

    To elaborate, I am a member at One Church LA and the sermons are my equivalent to chicken soup for the soul. They keep me refreshed in the spirit, humble, gracious and thankful for everything I have gone through and gotten through. My family isn’t here in LA so I make it a point to be a good friend to all those who mean something to me. I miss my family everyday and my ultimate goal in life is to move my grandparents out here.

    Also, I once heard someone say, “happiness is an inside job.” Could they be any closer to the truth?! I wake up everyday and decide that this is my life and I am going to make the most of it [#theSpikedway]! Yes, we all have bad days but how we deal with those bad days is what’s most important. 

    Remy Logan