Just because it isn't Easy, Doesn't Mean it's Not For You!

Spiked Spin Motivation

The other day I was chatting with a friend who is going through some personal issues trying to get a new job. As we talked she told me about the roadblocks and annoying processes that she is going through, all to get this job that she wants. “They need me to come in for another round of interviews”, “they’re asking for another reference,” “the manager hasn’t contacted me in over a week,” then finally… “maybe this isn’t meant for me.

That phrase stabbed me like a knife because hearing it out loud made it real. It is the phrase that is always lurking in my thoughts when I experience an unideal situation in my business. In that moment, I realized how easily we will use this cop-out and accept not achieving our full potential, just because it doesn’t come easy.

The genius thing that we did was, we didn’t give up.
— Jay-Z

It’s really crazy when you think about it. We’ve been so conditioned to think that we should have what we want, when we want, how we want, that when we experience hardships getting whatever it is that we want, the first thought is “maybe this isn’t meant for me.” Even worse than the thought itself, is the fact that it’s an immediate excuse that we justify. The thought is rarely a result of giving 100% to exhausting every option to reach the goal (in my opinion, that’s actually acceptable), it’s typically the go-to rationalization in the middle of the process —- because we’re being required to do more than we expected.

It’s so important that we recondition ourselves to know that going through a process is not the deciding factor in our destiny. Perspective and commitment to not give up is the deciding factor in receiving what is “meant for you.”

So from this point forward, manage your thoughts to know that giving more of yourself than expected, and experiencing hardships in your journey is a part of the preparation required to get you to receive everything that is “meant for you.” Give 100% to every goal and exhaust every option before you cop-out and give up on yourself! You deserve to see it through.