Podcast: The Black Girl Bravado

The Black Girl Bravado podcast is two friends having girl talk surrounding issues & journeying through life as young black women, creating relative content to motivate & encourage other women. 

The podcast conversations focus on self-care, self-love, mental health x wellness, spirituality, humor, entrepreneurship + much more.

I received the email and naturally was like hmmm... what is this about. I try to do a lot, but I definitely don't do everything. I wasn't familiar with the brand, I didn't know much about the girls, and I always want to make sure anything I agree to will add value to the brand. With that said, I began chatting with the girls, Germani and Brittany, and quickly loved their spirit! We kept trying to get something on the schedule but kept missing each other, which tends to happen with the craziness of my life right now. What I loved most was, they were persistent, so persistent that they showed up at the Spiked Pop-Up in LA and took class and everything! It wasn't until after teaching class, chatting with the girls, and hanging out that they let me know who they were - I was like WOW, ya'll are serious and committed... I appreciate that! 

Once I was back in NYC, we finalized our schedule and the interview was so organic. Having met them and felt their energy, I knew these were my people! They cracked me up with their phrase,  #puttogetherassbitch , but now it's one of my daily reminders to stay on ten! HAHA :) 

Feel free to leave your comments about the interview, or thoughts/questions you'd like to hear me discuss.