Podcast: Driven Minds

The Driven Society Brand develops dynamic events and campaigns that deeply inspire and influence millennial. 

The podcast is where they host conversations with leading influential creatives and entrepreneurs. We like to showcase individuals in different fields that are highly driven. 

I absolutely LOVED the podcast even before I was invited, so I was more than honored to be considered. The conversation with Trav and Franz was so organic. Exchanging real talk with guys about insecurities, body types, and the dups and downs of building a brand was intimidating at first, because I didn't think they could fully relate, but the conversation was absolutely refreshing! In sharing our perspectives we were able to realize the many similarities between us, and of course give each other new ways to view fitness, bodies, entrepreneurship and our approach to Stay Driven! 

Feel free to leave your comments about the interview, or thoughts/questions you'd like to hear me discuss.