Spiked Spin at The Broccoli City 5K & Festival

In 2017 I was asked to be a panelist on creative entrepreneurship at the Broccoli City Conference. Of course I was familiar with the festival that occurs every year, but I was not at all familiar with the conference aspect. The conference was so fulfilling covering a range of topics from entrepreneurship to food deserts. I was able to hear so much great insights from the greats, including Dia Simms and Jason White! Clearly I was hype, I never take those moments for granted because there are so many gems to catch as a young brand builder. 

This year 2018, I really had the goals of being able to be included again, but even better! With that said, Spiked was featured at BC 5K & Fitness, #BroccoliCon2018, and of course a little fun at the BCFestival

For the first-time-ever the amazing Broccoli City team diversified the BC 5K & Fitness event to go beyond running to include.. CYCLING *owww*! We brought 20 bikes to the middle of the park and hosted 3 back-to-back rides with the live DJ. The energy was CRAZY! We were able to really create a Spiked experience, and it felt so good to have the brand expand in that way. 

The panel I spoke on was Black Entrepreneurship Beyond Music & Sports, which I absolutely loved! In our culture it's clear that we dominate the entertainment industry, but now - it's time to take over other industries! I am here to make the mark in wellness, and the other panelists, Arsha Jones of Capital City Co. and Kwame Onwuachi of Kith & Kin are here making great strides in the food industry. We discussed our respective journeys, our hardships, and the necessity to find great mentors, and influences who can support us as we attempt to make strides in our respective industries.

See below for a few photos from the events!