Cornrows & Cocktails: A Conversation

A Women’s History Month Celebration !

When I found out that my friend and fellow entrepreneur, Denequa of Lit Bklyn did not know how to cornrow, I was baffled! But here's the real tea... not only does Denequa not know how to braid, not one of the friends in my immediate circle know either.

*Black Cards Revoked* 

This was shocking to me because I've always assumed that doing hair was a right of passage, I mean we invented the cornrow! But as I thought about it, I should've know better being that my mom, grandma, and aunts can't braid either ... but they've never needed to! Anyway, Denequa ended up polling her IG followers and we found that there are SO MANY WOMEN who have no idea how to braid! WTF?! LOL, but WTF?! 

Out of that one conversation, Denequa and I began to discuss the many perceptions and stereotypes that come along with being a Black woman. The ones we have about each other and the ones that are put onto us from others. We realized that this is a conversation that extends beyond hair, and should extend beyond our texts. 

With that in mind, Spiked Spin and Lit Bklyn have partnered to create a safe space to converse and celebrate the magic of the Black woman! From our polarizing hair to the stigmas of the angry black woman. We're gathering to unpack the taboo topics to ultimately uplift and support one another.

This event is for men, women, and everyone else who loves the Black Woman. 

@litbklyn @spikedspin