Spiked Lifestyle Feature: Ebonne Holyfield

Ebonne sending love and sparkle to all! 

Ebonne sending love and sparkle to all! 

Full Name / Social Handles

Instagram: @ebonne.eshaya.holyfield

Facebook: Ebonne Eshaya Holyfield  

Twitter: @ebonneholyfield

What do you do? All your hustles!  

I'm ultimately a creator! I'm a lifestyle blogger, content creator, inspirationalist, host,founder of non profit ME Movement, and actress. I genuinely enjoy being able to say that I do many things. I believe life is too short to be confined to one thing if you're gifted to do many! 

    Styled by Ebonne Holyfield

    Styled by Ebonne Holyfield

    On a scale of 1-10, how 'Spiked' is your life?

    TEN! lol I say that because the lifestyle and goals I have chosen have no blueprint or certainty built into them. I have no choice but to operate in faith, be courageous, be original, and capitalize on my creativity in order to be successful.

    What is your secret to 'Spiking' your

    My secret to spiking my life is: 

    • staying true to myself no matter what
    • eliminate fear and excuses
    • having a clear vision of my goals
    • not just dreaming but also DOING
    • trusting in God's timing 
    • truly believing that I can & will  live my best life
    Styled by Ebonne Holyfield

    Styled by Ebonne Holyfield

    One piece of advice to help others 'Spike' their life???

     A piece of advice I would give to help others "Spike" their life is to realize that you are worthy of living your dreams and you are already equipped with everything you need to manifest your dreams. So recognize your value,use what you've got, and bust a move!  P.S. Trusting the process works wonders as well:)