To ‘Spike’ is to remix the ordinary by adding flavor, uniqueness, and confidence - to take every experience to the next level.


From the moment you walk into a Spiked Spin class, you are officially a part of the #SpikedSquad. We have created an atmosphere that is non-judgmental, accepting, and most importantly encouraging of your individual journey. While we ride as a squad, and leverage each other’s energy to push it to the limit, - the transformative experience occurs individually. We will push you to remain present in your journey to achieve your personal best even outside of class!  

Once the first beat drops, a hot hip-hop track from past or present, it’s GO time! As the music blares through the speakers, the riders experience a turned-up full-body workout; engaging their legs, arms, core, and glutes. Music is a huge part of the experience. Our instructors double as DJs, designing the ride around the playlist, paying close attention to the crowd reaction, and avoiding lulls at all costs. Instructors drop the biggest bangers during the hardest sections to give students a much-needed boost to push through to the end.

We close each class in reflection, love, affirmation, positivity, community, and encouragement to extend the Spiked Spin experience beyond the bike - into every aspect of your life.